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Building Bilingual Websites

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A bilingual website will increase profits over time. Building a quality website can take time and should be written in the language intended, not simply translated. But how can a company truly build a website that incorporates another language? Building a quality bilingual website can take some time to ensure quality. When building an English-Spanish […]

One for the Lolcat Lovers

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Do you  happen to like Lolcats? We do here at Spanish Translation UK. Here’s one Ramón did himself! Yes, it may be only Tuesday and a long way off Caturday (or even Caturday Eve for that matter) – but maybe, just maybe, the internetz needs more cats! * Thanks to Gizmo, our friends’ cat. * […]

Spanish Lesson 2 – Name and Nationality

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Spanish Lesson 2 – Name and Nationality

Spanish Lesson 1 – Greetings

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Spanish Lesson 1 – Greetings

The Benefits of Using an Online Encyclopedia or Reference Resource

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by Gerard Ellery With the recent launch of Apple’s iPad, it is clear that the way of the future is for people to source and use online encyclopedia and reference resources from the convenience of a hand held mobile e-text reader or PC. The development of the information sources which can now be found, hosted, […]

Financial Translation: Why Localise?

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The market for translation and localisation services is expected to touch GBP 8 billion by the end of 2011, and the reasons are not hard to understand. The accelerating trend towards globalisation in recent years has resulted in creating more work for those working in the area of finance: accountants, financial controllers, and CFO’s of […]

Subtitles vs. dubbing and lectoring

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The two alternative methods of ‘translating’ films in a foreign language are dubbing, in which other actors record over the voices of the original actors in a different language, and lectoring, a form of voice-over for fiction material where a narrator tells the audience what the actors are saying while their voices can be heard […]

Business Document Translation Does Not Compute

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Art Gib About twenty years ago, I was having a discussion about document translation with someone, and the comment was made, “Well, there really isn’t a future in that, because computers are going to be able to do all of that translation before too long anyway.” The person making the comment wasn’t bilingual and obviously […]

An Expert Translation Service Can Lead to Success Worldwide

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Accurate, fast and secure language translation is necessary for conducting business in this world of global markets. As the internet opens up all counties of the world as your potential market, increases in clients from overseas means offering a whole range of services in a customer’s own language. Maintaining an expensive staff of language specialists […]