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Need your texts translated accurately and carefully from Spanish to English or English to Spanish? We’re here to help!

Translation is at the core of our business. For over 7 years we have handled some the trickiest Spanish<>English translations. Our experienced team has a good balance of  linguistic experience and intellectual rigour blended with younger technological expertise and online business acumen.

As globalisation continues and e-commerce booms, a professional human translation is more important than ever to get your message across.

Our approach:

Our translators are native British, Spanish and Latin American – we handle both Castilian and Latin American Spanish

We cooperate on translations and exploit each others’ expertise and backgrounds

We have wide expertise in a range of science, business and technology specialisms

We have access to a network of consultants, and can handle other language pairs when required

We can share a high volume workload if quick turnaround is required

We’re environmentally aware

We place particular emphasis on ensuring that our translations are idiomatic as well as accurate

All proof-reading is done in house by another translator at no extra cost. Promptness and service is our key

We work on both PCs and Macs, using all the industry standard software in almost any format. We work remotely with clients from the UK, Europe and worldwide. If you prefer, we can meet face-to-face in the London, Swindon, Bristol, Cardiff and the M4 Corridor.

Software & Website Translation / Localisation

Need your website translated? We’re here for you!

We’ll not only translate your site, but can also handle website design and computer graphics. While online translation tools such as Google’s are increasingly available for websites, these are usually of such poor quality that readers gain a poor impression any company promoted. Using these tools can make some very costly errors. Remember, badly written text DOESN’T SELL!

We’ll handle your human translation, design, traffic generation consultancy and advanced visitor analytics statistics for multilingual websites for businesses, SMEs or NGOs, which seek to present their message in a range of languages and maximise their visibility to international search engines.

For customers with existing websites, simply provide us with the URL and in most cases we can simply return you the code all ready for uploading back to your website with the translations inserted.

Have a brilliant idea, but starting from scratch and still without a website?

We prefer to build sites using a fully scalable Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress and use a range of custom modified GPL licensed themes for different types of businesses. We recommend WordPress to SMEs as it’s a highly modern and effective platform to base websites, by either using it as a blog, but specifically to unleash it’s true power as a static CMS with integrated blog. This allows for easy compliance with W3C web-standards with valid XHTML and CSS, a must for any serious business today.

Apart from also providing excellent SEO out of the box, WordPress sites allow for easy client maintenance. Clients can login to the back-end of their site, and easily update text, images and pages through an easy to navigate dashboard, i.e. without the need of technical coding knowledge. Therefore, additional ongoing expenses that would otherwise be spent on ongoing regular maintenance by the site designers or a web-master can be saved. Of-course, we will be on hand should you wish for ongoing translations of regularly updated content and should you wish to significantly edit the structure or look of your site in anyway.

More details coming soon.

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Environmental Translation

Translation of environmental documents is one of our specialisms, and is becoming increasingly important as national and environmental legislation and constraints on business are strengthened. We can provide surveys of green labeling schemes in different countries and are experts on European environmental regulations.

On our team with have a chartered forester, chartered biologist and contributor a number of international climate change reports. We have vast experience expertly handling a wide range of environmental, forestry, agricultural translations including those related to temperate regions and to the tropics.

Other green translation topics we translate regularly include:

  • Geo Energy TranslationGeo thermal and ground source heat translation
  • Bio-Fuel TranslationBio gas and bio mass translation
  • Solar Power TranslationSolar heating, solar thermal energy and solar PV translation
  • Water Power Translation Tidal power, wave power and hydro power translation
  • Wind Power TranslationBoth on-shore and off-shore wind translation

Our business also lives by green ideals – we use recycled paper, electronic communication, video conferences on Skype instead of traveling to meetings and PDFs instead of paper where possible.

We recently created a tri-lingual environmental website on European farm-woodland.

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Business Translation

If you are a company looking to expand in to Spain or Latin America and have completed all the homework, the next step is translate your documents in to Spanish. Our qualified and experienced business experts are here to help you present your business in an appropriate manned for the Spanish or Latin American marketplace. We can undertake Spanish/English market analysis for you and identify companies operating in similar areas. We’ll handle translation of documents on finance, economics, accounting and general business.

Some examples of documents we can translate for you are:

  • Technical manuals
  • Brochures and Catalogs
  • Employee manuals
  • Emails / Correspondence
  • Procedures
  • Annual reports
  • Contracts
  • and many others

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Copywriting & Marketing Translation

Don’t let your marketing phrases get lost in translation!

More so than with many documents, the translation of marketing texts requires much more than literal translation. There are often double-entendres, hidden meanings, plays with words, humour and many other things to consider that could put all the hours you have mulled over your most effective strap-lines to waste if not translated effectively. We strive to hit the exact tone in the foreign market that you originally intended in your local material. This is achieved by being in tune with both cultures, and our expertise in commercial copy-writing and localisation. This is always a fun area to work on too, give us a shout!

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Sports Translation

Sport has always been a uniting factor between cultures. Although the sport is controlled by common rules and a universal language, there are vast differences in local expressions and the approaches of media organisations and sports men and women themselves. Sports translation is an area we have undertaken several jobs and enjoy working on a lot.

Contact us to discuss gaming and gambling sites, and development of RSS widgets for multilingual sports news, press releases and event programs.

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Arts and Digital Media Translation

We’re experienced in the translation of brochures for sales and auctions, in transcribing podcasts and films, and in developing subtitles for films and documentaries. Our team members are also qualified and with industry experience in graphic design – including international architectural styles, vernacular design and specialist artistic vocabularies.

A growing field requiring translations under this sector are short text and video tutorials explaining software for social media/tutorial sites. Often these require accompanying screen grabs of software with a pointer or arrows superimposed to be used alongside text in tutorials. We can also provide these for the required target language of either English or Spanish for most industry standard software.

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Other Spanish Translations

Above is a cross section of our main specialisation but we can handle many other translations, including certain technical translations with our wide network of translation industry associates and partners.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will give you an honest opinion if we are suitable for handling your particular job. If we are not we’ll suggest another translator or agency for you.