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Posted on 08. Sep, 2009 by in Translation Resources

The planet’s largest trading block, the European community, has over 450 million inhabitants. Since its construction it’s focused on setting up a single integrated marketplace to learn its entrepreneurs and buyers. The rise of the Web offers e-tailers and shoppers a borderless system for selling goods and services.

However, the amount of European cross border ecommerce have remained way lower than the current national ecommerce; over 150 million shoppers in the European union engage in internet transaction, but solely 30 million of these shop across their country. This means a massive unused opportunity for retailers and consumers.

Specialists are predicting that despite economic slowdown, the end of 2009 is still a huge year for online shopping within the UK, as individuals use the Net to research the best deals.

UK internet shoppers on their own have spent £13.16bn on-line in the last quarter of 2008 – a 15 p.c year-on-year increase.

Since 2000, Web sales have grown up by three,500% to £42bn in 2008. And by 2010, that figure is forecast to achieve £72bn. There’s a huge potential for e-tailers using this path to plug and approach Spanish shoppers for instance. In nowadays’s economic climate, ambitious firms trying to grow beyond their domestic markets, need each data of market shopper trends and the flexibility to faucet into customers ‘thinking’, in order to benefit the expansion process.

On top of french translations, Catalyst Entrepreneur analysis the strategic client and merchant issues and opportunities currently facing the European cross border internet shopping sector.
We have a tendency to facilitate businesses wanting to increase into new geographical markets, develop best business strategies and marketing tactics to maximize likely success.

As english to french translation and web selling pro who helps e-tailer achieve their sales target market online, Catalyst Entrepreneur understand the significance of sharp web messaging.
Online areas are important to a company’s profile, its lead generation and its final success. In fact, recent figures from Google indicate that around 85% of business procurement commences online.

In addition to a sturdy international online website presence, visible ranking positions rely on robust links from credible sources, notably from on-line media like blogs, social media and other resources. These tactics, which leverage the current news agenda, developments, market analysis and case-studies via strategic PR messaging, will assist with the turning up the amount on-line, notably in the largest ecommerce market in the World: The EU.

At Catalyst Entrepreneur, we have a tendency to concentrate on international online communications – and by its very nature this brings us into the sector of cross border communication. We recognize how to form messages to focus on intercultural audiences.

With Catalyst Entrepreneur as your English to french translator assistance, your business will be able to:

• Break into Europe in French, Spanish, German or Italian
• Generate a lucrative International Marketing Strategy
• Save money as we deliver FREE Web Site Translation
• Generate large number of International Sales

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