How Green is Your Translation?

At Spanish Translation UK we take the environment seriously.

To start with, we use every digital service possible that allows us to keep paper use to an absolute minimum.  We use PDFs whenever possible for items such as invoices and manuals.  Time-tracking and contractor management is done through an online hub.  If we really do need to print something we use recycled paper.  All waste paper is recycled, along with all plastic and bottles used in our office.  To save on fuel consumption and carbon emissions, almost all of our meetings and demonstrations are held online using a combination of video conferences and desk-top sharing applications.  This allows us to have meetings with people anywhere in the world without the need to fly.  In the future we will be looking  more ways to become carbon neutral as technology advances.  Our team includes a Chartered Biologist, a Chartered Forester and a contributor to the Nobel Prize for studies on climate change.  We can therefore specialise in all aspects of biology, forestry, agriculture and environmental legislation.

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