Roseeta Stone Reviews – How Does The System Work?

Posted on 29. Sep, 2009 by in Translation News

Roseeta Stone reviews on the internet are often very varied from very positive experiences to those who report very opposite opinions. Rosetta Stone language learning software is a fairly familar name when it comes to learning a foreign language with the aid of computer software. This is probably due in large part to the intense media attention that the product has been given.

How did they achieve such success? It’s no doubt that a large factor to their achievements are due to their marketing in magazines, TV, and on the net. But the real question we want to delve into is whether or not the software is designed correctly to teach you how to speak a foreign language? This is what really matters.

How Rosetta Stone Can Help You Learn

The Rosetta Stone software allows users to pair the audio and visual aspects of written language with everyday images in a natural fashion. For example if you were seeking to learn Spanish, Rosetta Stone aims to teach Spanish the way you learned your first language. By seeing and hearing in the language you are learning, it becomes much more like the way you learned your first language.

Once initiated, you will see a number of pictures and hear a word that is spoken while you can read the text on your monitor. Next, you can choose which picture matches with that word. If you choose correctly, you are able to continue in your lesson. If not, then you repeat it till you are correct. Making these types of mistakes surprisingly helps the learning process even though it may be frustrating at first. Users report that initially the process can feel a bit difficult.

After a short while, your words transition into phrases and move on into full sentences. Instead of describing simple objects or situations, you can move into describing a concept or idea. What you’ll discover is that your understanding of your language increases through recognizing patterns of speech. This is known as Pattern Recognition which is a valid form of teaching across the education system.

This way you can build on the foundation for your new language in a methodical way without any English translation. Rosetta Stone reviews from users report everything is done in your new language which can give Rosetta Stone an edge over other similar products. It can be said that through many compiled user reviews whether negative or positive that the %LINK@% is in fact a well designed product that teaches you a new language using Pattern Recognition. Now the big question is, “Will pattern recognition be the right teaching method for YOU?”

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