Translation, branding and marketing handled one place can save money and get your message across as intended

Your carefully thought slogans, content and marketing material should read as originally intended. We can offer various services bridging translation and graphics. Make your translation go the extra mile!

Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Web 2.0 and Audiovisual Services
WordPress Website Localisation & Customisation
Subtitles & Transcription


“A translation and graphics ‘one stop shop’ – from Spanish copywriting to overseeing the print”

Is the final destination of your English or Spanish translation a brochure, manual, billboard, annual-report, flier, poster, book-cover, personalised stationary, corporate identity or other printed material?

We can ensure your text and graphics correlate effectively. Out designers work with both English and Spanish texts. Other languages can be arranged.

Desk top Publishing (DTP) / Typesetting

Need an annual report, flier, or business cards? Our Spanish translation service provides results that not only match your original document in language terms, but also in layout, formatting and typesetting.

Using Spanish Translation UK means your desk top publishing and graphics will be returned with minimal margin for error, as designers will work in to their mother tongue.  We specialise with Spanish and English, but through are partners we can provide DTP experts who can typeset your translated text in any language or format.

Why is typesetting whilst familiar with the content text important? Many UK graphics agencies aren’t experienced with foreign languages, and many readability issues can occur that could end with your carefully polished text looking looking sub par after receiving the text back from external translators. Using us for not only the translation but for DTP work, ensures your operators/designers don’t run the risk of juxtaposing or reconstituting pieces of text incorrectly.

If you specify the layout and feel required for your document, we will provide you with page-mockups in the alternative language, and discuss with you until the final product matches your needs. We use InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, QuarkXpress and Corel Draw. Other formats can be handled on request. Simply send us your source file in one of the above formats, supporting graphics and/or logos, and your Word document for translation (if available), and we’ll take care of the rest.

1258386894_CinemaDisplayOther media services range from subtitling to low budget adverts for Youtube with digital-creative partners…

Remember ‘Content is King’, and having your copywriting and marketing material text perfectly translated is vital to penetrate foreign markets. However, text alone doest guarantee a sale – it needs to be presented with impact.

A wide range of modern media services can enliven your translation or localisation project. With combined translation and DTP skills we operate in a niche market providing an integrated service for marketing abroad. Accurate human translation is essential to international business, marketing and global trade. It’s an end-to-end process and Spanish Translations UK, through technical translation, DTP, graphics, marketing and local market research can help at all stages.

We are up to date with the latest Web 2.0 and social trends and recently attended FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in London. Social media is a rapidly changing medium. When harnessed effectively it can offer your business a more effective medium than traditional print media.

Digital creative and media services we can offer:

Logos / Corporate-Identities
Digital show-reels for websites
Copywriting / SEO Copywriting
Online Web 2.0 / Social media marketing & promotion
Full WordPress website setup and customisation
PPC banners (static or animated)

We can set you up with an modern and fully ‘localised’ WordPress website – you can update it after, saving money

Localisation quality can make or break your foreign ventures

Spanish Translation UK has extensive experience of WordPress for both blog and CMS style websites and offer website localisation services. We recommend WordPress as a good option for various types of businesses. It’s a popular choice for small to medium size businesses and this site was created using WordPress. Other major corporate and educational users of WordPress include CNN, NASA, The Financial Times, Flickr, Wired, Yahoo, and Harvard University for subsites. Should you require a more traditional site we can arrange Flash and other programmers.

Websites targeting foreign markets or audiences need to work from a local commercial perspective to be effective. The content in a well ‘localised’ website should always appear to have been written by a native. Our website localisation service achieves this through its multinational team members. Like all professional translation agencies, we’ll look at the true essence of the message behind your carefully composed strap lines, and get the message across as you originally intended. We would never just translate word-for-word.

But there are other issues to consider. For instance translating English to Spanish can include the text size by 15%. This can be a problem if there is a fixed template already in place, so important design and layout decisions have to be made quickly. Without translators having full knowledge of the platform powering your site or program used for your brochure, you could end up a professional looking website gone to waste in foreign language versions. We will interface with you throughout to ensure we can keep these problems to a minimum, and will always deliver on time and to budget.

More than 50% of queries submitted to Google in the Hispanic World are made in Spanish
More than 9% (137 million) internet users speak Spanish
More than $926 billion is spent by the US hispanic population annually

Read more on Hispanic Market statistics

Contact us if you would like a website package consisting of:

    1. Advising on the best hosting company, domain and top level domain (TLD) combination for geo-targeting the countries you require and guiding you through the set up.
    2. Ensuring that your website is:
      • SEO optimised;
      • aesthetically pleasing;
      • easily navigable with standard controls and menus (usability);
      • compliant with clean W3C standards;
      • integrated with web 2.0 features such as social-media and social bookmarking functionality and interactivity.
    3. Instructing on how to update the content of your website (thereby avoiding repeat web-designer fees).
    4. Providing on-going advanced visitor analytics, and tweaking the website based on conversion rate results from the initial visitors.


Subtitling and Transcription

Subtitle services can range from time-queuing to embedding subtitles onto the file. Time-queuing is providing a text document marked with time-marks related to the edited film. Embedding involves inserting subtitles within the video file so that they appear on playback.

You can provide the DVD either by post, FTP or DropBox. We’ll do the rest.

We offer specialised verbatim transcription services for Spanish, and translation transcriptions from Spanish or English, from both audio and video. Transcripts are delivered in .doc or .docx format, and can also be sent through a secure password protected SSL download for more sensitive material. We take the privacy of your material very seriously and can provide signed confidentiality agreements and encrypted file transfer. We can produce transcripts from almost any modern format such as VMA, DSS, AVI, VOB, MP3, MP4WAV, DVD.

Common subjects for transcription are academic research, interviews, minutes and, more recently, podcasts. Having your podcast transcribed to Spanish is a great way of reaching a wider audience. Lately we have received many requests to transcribe podcasts to load onto websites, and ensure that content can be found through web searches.

For further info on subtitling, see Subtitles vs. dubbing and lectoring.

Send us an email if you would like our FTP details, or get a free quote.